Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lots of New Titles

Hey, Everybody!

We have received LOTS of new titles for our dana materials.  Feel free to stop by and . . . well, right now you can help us count, stamp, and shelve the hundreds of books we have received.  And if there are a couple you wish to take home with you, you can do that too!

The postage on the 38 boxes of books came to almost $850.00, so if you are still in the "giving" spirit I can give you the addresses to send a donation. 

Mettā, Karunā, Muditā, Upekkhā

Life is a struggle.  Suffering is optional. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey Everybody! Ehi Passiko! (Come and See!)

Hey, Everybody!

We've started this blog as a response to requests to make the Dhamma (from the Navayana Nikaya perspective) more widely available. 

No promises on postings other than that they will be somehow related to understanding and practicing the Ariya Magga - the Noble Path.  I ask that your comments be the same.

So, Hey, Everybody!  Ehi Passiko!

Ariya Magga Vihara