Monday, July 15, 2019

Hello, Everyone!

It has been a long time (September 2, 2017 was the last post) since the last posting, but hopefully we can be more frequent moving forward.  Today, just a quick update on a number of issues.

All visitors are now able to view the AMBMS blog over an encrypted connection by visiting

MOVED (mostly) 
Ariya Magga Buddhist Missionary Society has relocated to Des Moines, Iowa, and we have some of the stuff put away.  But there is still much to do before the move is complete.  One of those things is to hold a fundraising sale of many of the items we no longer need. If any of you would like to get involved in the preparations and/or the sale event(s) [there may need to be more than one], let us know. 

The new address is 

2620 Columbia Street
Des Moines, IA 50313 USA

The phone is still the same

(712) 281-3787

We are looking for a teaching space for dhamma classes. We’d like to start with chairs for a dozen people or so.  If you know of such a space, would you be so good as to speak with whomever about it?

We are also looking for space for group practice.  If you know someone who might donate space one evening a week, please share our contact information.  Or send us theirs.  

We get half a dozen robo-calls a day, so we let unknown callers go to voice messaging.  If you call, and no one answers, please leave a message.  We’ll put you in our contact list.

The motto of AMBMS is “Envisioning a more just, peaceful, and enlightened world.”  There is ample evidence that people who diligently (religiously?) practice the Eightfold Path develop in wisdom, morality, and cognitive acuity.  We have a goal of creating a Vihāra/Wat/Aśrama with facilities – library, dining hall, multiple meditation halls, and sleeping quarters – to accommodate up to 200 guests for a night, a week, or even a couple of months.  Ideally, this will be located within a 30-minute drive of Des Moines, Iowa.  If you’d like to get involved in this effort, let us know.

We have a long, and growing longer, wish list.  If any of you can support AMBMS by helping out with these items, your support will be greatly appreciated.

·     Help with building a practicing community in the Des Moines metropolitan area.
·     Help with sales for fundraising (yard sale, online sale, etc.)
·     Help with routine maintenance (light cleaning, lawn and garden care, changing lightbulbs, and such) at the abode.
·     Help in locating a practice space (a church, hall, etc).
·     Assist with maintenance and updates on the website (  
·     Providing internet access at the abode.
·     Truck maintenance (tires, oil changes, etc.)
·     Update to a new(er) cell phone.

Any support you can give will help us move towards realizing our vision.  

Bhante Dhammapala