Sunday, September 8, 2019

Some Things That Might Be Worth Thinking About


            Words are goopy.  They take on different meanings across time, space, circumstances, cultures, and people.

            Right Speech is one of the aspects on the Eightfold Path and one of the Five (Virtuous) Precepts.


“In the age of technology which now surrounds us, and boasts of its triumphs over nature, one thing is ever more apparent to the anthropologist – the student of man.  We have not really conquered nature because we have not conquered ourselves.”
 -- Loren Eiseley, 1960

Wonder if that still applies today?  (Changing “student of man” to “student of humanity.”)


“The fundamental purpose of the public schools is to turn out good, productive citizens.”
-- J. D. Hawks, 1967

Unpack that, if you will.


“Natural cut fries.”
-- from the sign at a fast-food place.



May your wits never be tardy.

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